14 Voice Commands of Google Now in Portuguese

Google Now now also accepts commands in Portuguese. But you know what is Google Now? What are these voice commands and how they work? We have to slow down to explain a little about this tool from the search giant.

What is Google Now?

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google and available for Android smartphones, iOS and also for computers using Google Chrome as your browser.

Google Now uses an interface of natural language to answer questions made by the user, make recommendations, and also perform actions he requested. Google Now also delivers information to predicting what the user will want based on their search habits.

If you use Siri, the mechanism of the Apple for their devices, Google Now is basically a Siri but with many other tools that aggregate, in addition to being able to use it on more platforms.

What Are the Voice Commands for Google Now?

In addition to accepting questions typed, the Google Now can also listen to your questions and answer them. The commands are simple and not always give the correct results. However, the quality of the results and answers are constantly being worked on by Google, improving with each new update of Google Now.

How to Use Voice Commands in Google Now?

To use Google Now, you must activate the microphone on your computer, smartphone or tablet, click on the icon that resembles a microphone in Google Chrome or in the app Google Now and say the command. Or you can open the app and say “OK Google” and then say the command.

Voice Commands for Google Now in Portuguese

Google offers a full list of commands on your website. Some of these commands are essential and are most likely to be used by you. It is worth remembering that the commands do not need to be complete and that can be set with a missing or other information such as time, or something of the sort. You can still also edit what you create after you run the commands.

Open (Application Name)

With the popular apps, Google does a great service to open them. Already applications are not widely used, it has a bit of difficulty in the open. Even so, quite useful and practical this command.

Example of use: “Open WhatsApp”

Alarm for (x) Hours

It works perfectly and is very practical. Be careful not to mention “define” or “define” in the beginning, because Google Now can end up causing you to a search instead of setting your alarm.

Usage example: “Alarm for 7 hours”

Create Event (Description of the Event + Day + Time)

This event will be created directly in Google Calendar. Be careful not to give an event very complicated pro Google Now to interpret.

Example of use: “Create event: lunch in Sao Paulo, Saturday, 19 hours”

Remember Me/I Remember (Some Thing You Need to Remember + Day + Time)

This command will create an alarm with a simple description. You can tell the date or day of the week to mark the reminder, and useful to remember, for example, put clothes to wash or something that you have to buy when you are on the street.

Usage example: “Remind me to buy toilet paper on Saturday, the 23rd of January, at 19 hours”

Annotation (Sentence, Thought, Song Lyric, Etc)

A note will be saved in the standard application notes of the device. Can be Gmail, Google Keep, Evernote, among many others. The first time, it may be that the unit you have to set the default application.

Example of use: “Note to john and mary went to the grandmother’s house before being chased by the witch”

Movie Times (City or Movie Name)

Choice or the city or the name of the movie. The two commands together don’t work, but that may change with program updates. This command will give you the films, times and locations of cinema in the city.

Example of use: “the Times cinema Belo Horizonte” or “movie Times Lord of the Rings”


This command will be very used by you, since it is tricky to memorize so many commands. This command will give you a list of possible commands through Google Now.

When is My Next/the Next (Event, Meeting, Work, Gym)

According to your Google Calendar, this command will inform you the next event that you want to know.

Example of use: “When is my next gym?”

Go to/Open (Name or Address of the Web Site)

Open the site in the default browser of your device.

Example of use: “Open Estadão”

Record a Video/Take a Picture

These commands open the application the default camera of your device to record videos or take photos.

Connect to (Name of Person)

Opens the default application connection to make a call to the person.

Example of use: “Connect to the mother’s house”

Send Text Message to (Contact Name + Message)

You can send messages by the default program including also the body of the message.

Example of use: “Send a message to Carlos advising that I’m going to travel and I can not go to the meeting of the work”

Listen to/Play (Name of Band or Song)

Self-explanatory. Be careful at the time of using the English Joel Santana, because Google Now can end up not yourself understanding very well.

Example of use: “Play Charlie Brown Jr.”

Navigate/Directions to (Name of Street or Place)

With this command, you will use the Google Maps or the default program of navigation to give you directions and/or possible routes to a location.

Usage example: “Navigate to the Tower of Pisa.”

Final Considerations

You can still hear the response from Google Now activating the voice output of the app by going to the settings menu and activating the Voice Output. If you have any questions, you can leave in the comments that we will do everything to help you!