3G Cheaper than Lan-House? Do the Math and Buy a Mobile Phone!

The Lan Houses already dominated the country when the internet was still in its infancy and the price of good computers was very prohibitive. Today, a large portion of brazilians in the large centers has at least one computer in the house and a basic access to the network. Couple this with the ease of obtaining devices with access to the 3G networks today, and we have a service that decreases each year, even with incentives from the Government to the digital inclusion Centers. But what is happening? Why people still use internet cafes? Let’s understand a little bit of it before giving solutions.

The Changing Profile of Lan House

In the old days, the Lan House was the only way for many people to access the essential resources of the network, such as editing texts, access to social networks, e-mail, and online games. Today, they had to change their profiles, offering maintenance services and sale of computers and many other differentials, in addition to the essential access to the internet. In large centers, in neighborhoods of the middle class and more rich, you hardly will find a Lan House. Already in the poorest neighborhoods, some still persist, charging between R$1.00 to R$2.00 per hour for internet access.

The that still persist in the neighborhoods of the middle class and more wealthy invest heavily in gaming tournaments and professional, and has a captive audience and profitable in this business. Already in the poorer classes, the Lan Houses are used for the purpose the most basic, such as the use of social networks, entertainment sites, videos, and e-mail, mainly. To this end, the Lan House sell packages to your users, that make a monthly usage of internet services at a cheaper cost than if they used per hour.

The Democratization of the Access to the Internet

In recent years, computers became cheaper. Packages access the internet also. With this, several people came out of the internet cafes, and have been for the comfort of their homes, accessing the network directly from the living rooms and bedrooms of their homes. This democratisation is also coming to phones and access 3G, with devices in very cheap prices and well-accessible to the internet, with operators charging values as low as R$0.50 per day of access.

The Advent of 3G and Smartphones

So, we come to the main point of our article: smartphones are becoming increasingly cheap. You can now find models with 3G and touch screen for less than$500.00, and with good quality. With plans and increasingly inexpensive, it becomes increasingly into account in adopting a smartphone as their primary source of internet access.

Why Change the Lan House for a Cell Phone with 3G?

Unless you live games online, have to always go to a Lan House in addition to tiring, can get expensive. By more a fan of online games who you are, you will not live 24 hours a day in a Lan House and the use of this type of fun can be moderate. Already uses more “common”, such as the exchange of messages, social networks, e-mail and others, the smartphone may be the best option. Still, of gift, you can find some games very interesting for the fun of it.

Now let’s compare: let’s say that you go to a Lan House once per day and invest 2 hours of your day on the network. The hourly price is$1.00. In 20 days of use per month, you spent$20.00. Already with a cell phone plans 3G that charge for day access, you will have spent R$10.00, which is a savings of 50%. This is already a great savings and I’m being optimistic, because, usually, the costs of Lan Houses are larger and you tend to spend a lot more on them.

Now think of a smartphone the basic model, a model input. You can find good models for up to$500.00 and up for less than$400.00. And you can divide these devices into up to 12 x on a card, which will give less than$50.00 per month. I bet you spend more or less this already in the Lan House. And what she gives you in return? Just a service that you can’t take home, while your device will be all the time with you to access at any time.

It Compensates for Changing the Lan House by the 3G Device?

Just for games is that the Lan House has a considerable advantage to the 3G handsets. In other uses, although it can take a while for you to get used to the keyboard of smartphones, the smartphone is as good as the Lan House. The network can be a little unstable, a little slower, but compensates by its comfort and savings. In addition, you can share 3G with your computer with ease.

Having said all this, we hope that we have helped our readers save money in a smart way with smartphones and access to 3G. If you got any questions, we expect your questions in the space below!