Account Oi the Month does not Appear in My Hi!

The phone carrier Oi don’t you get tired to amaze me negatively. In my point of view that has been easy to sustain, the service is usually so bad in all aspects that when something works as it should I already consider it to be momentary. Did this happen with the quality of the signal, and now with the site My Hi. Ifelizmente, Oi is the worst phone service that I know of.

The issue of signal quality refers to the fact that there was a week in January that the service has worked well, with clear links and without falling in the middle of conversations, without crossed lines, and everything else. But it was “fire of straw”, and now everything is bad again. I got tired of talking to my contact: “wait a minute… I’ll call again to see if it improves”. And it is not the place where I live, I can be in qualqeur place of the city that this happens at some point.

Now the problem is with the site My Hi that theoretically would be a location for you to track your spending and view your account. In the first month it worked relatively well. The account appeared there 2 days before the expiration, but it was no problem for the delay because it has come before by mail. I got on My Oi and there was an option to register the account was on auto debit with the argument of sustainability that many companies use today to save paper and still give $ 10 dollars discount on the next account. There also informed him that the account would no longer be sent printed and would be available on the website and I would be notified via SMS on the date on which it would consult the account.

Even thinking that was too good to be true, and in the background technically complex to be run by Hi, I registered the account on auto debit and I deleted the submission for the paper.

What is the result? Came a debit in my current account, I have not received the account for the paper and even after the expiration of the account, which was yesterday, the account Oi the month does NOT APPEAR in My Hi! I paid something without knowing if it is correct, and I could not until now see the data from my mobile account! Ahh, and by the value of the account, there CAME THE DISCOUNT PROMISED! Oi save by not having more than a issue the account and does not give the discount offers on the website.

Already tried to resolve by calling the number answering to the doubt of the site My Hi.

The image below, although it has the date of 2011, is February of 2012.