Applications for Running, Cycling and Other Sports

Those who like to practice sports as often always have the need to know how it is evolving over time. In the past the most common was to use wrist watches with multiple functions, among them to measure the heartbeat, count the number of steps and even the turns during a run or walk.

The world fortunately has changed and today the mobile phone that was previously only used to listen to music to make a run now is a complete system of statistics of the sport that is being practiced.

The mobile phones are equipped with GPS, accelerometers, large screens and headphone outputs, which allows the creation of great apps for monitoring the practice of sport. To do justice to my profile “power user” of technology, already tested several of these applications and the major are listed below. They are very similar and the choice will taste of each. I use with more frequency the Sports Tracker for running and the RunKeep for cycling.

  • RunKeeper: he speaks from time to time the statistics of the route, such as distance travelled and average speed. I use RunKeeper mainly in cycling. It automatically gives a pause in the music to discuss the above data. Very useful.
  • Endomondo: you can see in real time the performance of your friends that are practicing sports!
  • Sports Tracker: excellent program. I’m a user since version for Nokia N95.

In addition to some of the interesting points mentioned above, they all have common functions of measuring speed, distance, route, path that can be seen on the map, even in real time, time per Km, heart rate (need strap heart, to that part) … etc. In the end the programs are very similar, these being 3 above the main. All of them have a website in which you can see online the data of each year and historical charts showing your performance and attendance in the activities.

These 3 programs are certainly more than enough for the largest parts of people and has versions for Android and iPhone, and some of them even for Symbian! Look for the name directly in the virtual store from your phone!

And now? Found one more reason to stop being sedentary? You already use some of these apps? Know of any other? Leave your comment telling of your experience!