Austral University (Argentina)

Austral University of Argentina. Young and optimistic private educational university institution, created for the training of professionals. Created in 1991, it was born with the aim of constituting an adequate environment to develop the various disciplines of human knowledge.


In 1977, the ACES, Civil Association of Higher Studies, a non-profit entity whose corporate purpose is the development of higher level studies, was established. A year later, this association founded the IAE Business School, one of the first postgraduate schools in business administration and management in Argentina. With the support of IESE, from Barcelona, ​​the IAE dictates the First Senior Management Program in the current Duhau Palace, on Alvear street. That year, in addition, ACES acquires the first headquarters of the IAE, in Agüero 2373.

In 1981, the First Executive Master Program in Business Administration of the IAE was created and in 1987 the Research and Postgraduate Institute was established, with the aim of promoting research activities and advanced courses in the areas of Law and Social Sciences..

In 1991 the Ministry of Education grants provisional authorization for the operation of the Austral University, initially established in Juncal 831. The Faculty of Business Sciences is born in Rosario, in the Paraguay 1970 building. The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Sciences begins at that headquarters, the Master’s Degree in Administrative Law is created, acquisition of the building of the current headquarters of the University, at 125 Juan de Garay Avenue.

In 1992 the Faculty of Information Sciences (later the Faculty of Communication) was born, in 1994 the Faculty of Engineering, with the dictation of the careers in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science, in 1995 the Faculty of Law with the dictation of the career of Advocacy and in 1996 the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences with its two Schools: Medicine and Nursing, in which Medicine and Nursing degrees are taught, respectively.

In 1998 the Campus of the University in Pilar was inaugurated, where the Business School was initially installed. In 2002, the University was the first Argentine private university to achieve its full autonomy, fulfilling all the steps of institutional evaluation within the framework of the Higher Education Law 24,521, and received its definitive recognition by Decree PEN Nº 300/02, signed by the President of the Nation. In 2011, Universidad Austral became the first educational institution in Argentina to implement the SAP management system.

The Austral University intends to serve society through the search for truth, through the development and transmission of knowledge, training in virtues and attention to each person according to their transcendent destiny, exercising intellectual, professional, social leadership. and public.

Austral University