According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The IELTS test tests the English skills of its candidates in the four core areas of language proficiency: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test is taken more than two million times a year worldwide for educational and emigrant purposes. WHAT IS IELTS FOR? There are two different versions of the test: Academic and General Training. The academic training…

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Slang Advertising Expenses 4

Marketing Expenses 4

Double housekeeping If you need a second place of residence for professional reasons, we speak of double housekeeping . Associated costs are accepted as advertising costs – even including the costs of your move! Ride costs Travel expenses are among the income-related expenses that are particularly common. Be it for a direct drive to the office or to reach the second residence if you have two households. Often the travel…

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Slang Advertising Expenses 3

Marketing Expenses 3

Flat rate for business expenses There are no statutory flat rates for business expenses for the self-employed and freelancers. However, the Income Tax Act provides for exceptions for some professional groups. These people (e.g. child minders, midwives, journalists and writers, artists) are allowed to set fixed monthly amounts or fixed percentages of their income and are also subject to a maximum limit. Examples: Day mothers can deduct EUR 300 per…

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Slang Advertising Expenses 2

Marketing Expenses 2

Second home If you live in a second home at the place of work of your company for professional reasons , you can deduct the expenses without restriction. However, the officials check the receipts very carefully, as large amounts often come together. The duration of your double housekeeping does not matter. The meal allowances and the cost of accommodation are limited deductible as with employees. Customer service When entertaining customers…

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Slang Advertising Expenses

Marketing Expenses

In order to advance your own company as an entrepreneur, it is sometimes essential to make various investments. In some places, these can take on quite considerable proportions, which is why it has long been clear to the tax office that compensation must be created here in some way. In this context, as an entrepreneur, you can include the so-called income – related expenses in your annual tax return claim…

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Slang Customer Lifetime Value Part II

customer lifetime value 2

How do you calculate the customer lifetime value? Step 1: collect characteristic values As long as a buyer is a customer of the company, the CLV represents the profit margin generated. For this reason, four values ​​are required to calculate the customer lifetime value: t = the average customer lifetime → example: 2 years m = the average contribution margin generated by the customer → Example: € 9,464 r =…

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Slang Customer Lifetime Value Part I

customer lifetime value

In short, the Customer Lifetime Value represents the value that a customer brings to a company during their entire “customer life”. This key figure allows conclusions to be drawn for the sensible calculation of marketing expenses. What does the concept of customer lifetime value include in detail? Companies want to make a profit. This means: The income that a company generates from its products and services must, at least over…

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Slang Passive Swap

Passive Exchange

A so-called ” passive swap ” is an accounting process in which two passive positions are involved, but no active position. In this article, we have summarized what you have to pay attention to with a passive exchange, what examples there are and how a passive exchange works. Passive Exchange – Definition The passive swap involves two passive positions . The posting reduces one of the two items and the…

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Slang BA

Business Administration BA

What does “BA” mean According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation “BA” stands for “Business Administration”. In contrast to “Economics”, business administration deals with decisions that relate to processes in the respective company . “Economics”, on the other hand, focuses on macroeconomic processes . Based on the designation of the individual areas, their focus, “business” or “national economy”, can be clearly read. Nevertheless, there are overlaps in everyday life. Development of business…

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Slang Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition

Under unfair competition all activities are understood to contradict the principles of morality and are simply unfair and therefore prohibited. Everything you need to know about unfair competition, its forms and also the consequences, we summarize for you in this article. Definition – Unfair Competition Competition between companies is the basis of any functioning economy and a market economy basis. There are certain rules to ensure that this competition between…

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