Slang Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition

Under unfair competition all activities are understood to contradict the principles of morality and are simply unfair and therefore prohibited. Everything you need to know about unfair competition, its forms and also the consequences, we summarize for you in this article. Definition – Unfair Competition Competition between companies is the basis of any functioning economy and a market economy basis. There are certain rules to ensure that this competition between…

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Slang VR


With VR glasses, users can experience virtual reality and enjoy 360-degree videos from a completely new perspective. “Virtual Reality” (VR) creates new possibilities, and many filmmakers, graphic designers and software developers are increasingly using 360-degree content for their new products. Virtual reality offers great potential, especially for the tourism and games industry. VR glasses users have the impression of being part of the virtual world. Many glasses use stereoscopic human…

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Slang VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual communication network that enables mobile access to various networks. Encryption and authentication processes protect the transmission of sensitive data from unauthorized access. Via VPN it is possible to connect to certain networks from anywhere in the world for private and professional purposes VPN is based on an encrypted internet connection. The transmitted data and information cannot be viewed by third parties A VPN connection…

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Slang Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality stands for immersion in a computer-generated reality. The special thing about it is that it is possible to interact with the virtual environment and not just be there as a spectator. While technology a few years ago was only used in certain areas such as B. has been applied to pilot training in aircraft simulators, it has recently gained increasing acceptance in broad sections of the entertainment industry.…

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Slang WKW


Who-knows-whom – also simply called WKW – was a social network that existed from 2006 to 2014 and was very popular at times. Due to declining user numbers and too much competition from Facebook and other social media, the platform discontinued its service in June 2014. However, a successor was created with Other alternatives to Facebook that are similar to the old Wer- are also available today. Who-knows-who…

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Slang WiFi Speakers


WiFi speakers are becoming more and more popular, as laid cables in home theaters and sound systems are increasingly less popular. Wireless loudspeakers can be easily connected to televisions, computers and smartphones and can play music wirelessly in this way. The sales figures for WiFi loudspeakers have been increasing for years, with more and more manufacturers becoming active in this market. Wireless loudspeakers work without annoying cables, which – if…

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Slang WLAN Repeater

Slang WLAN Repeater

Today’s DSL contracts usually include a WLAN-enabled router. This enables wireless internet access within your own four walls. Unfortunately, it can happen that, despite the fast DSL tariff, only a few Mbit / s reach the end device, Internet pages load very slowly as a result and surfing pleasure suffers. Often this is due to a weak incoming WiFi signal. Depending on the built-in WLAN antenna, the distance to be…

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Slang Civil Code

Civil Code

By code, in the field of law, is understood to be the group of systematic legal norms that allow to regulate a certain matter in a unitary way. The commercial code, to cite an example, brings together the rules and precepts that condition and control commercial operations. When speaking of the civil code, reference is made to an ordered, systematized and unitary set of regulations contemplated by private law. It…

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Slang Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The ethics is linked to the moral and establishes what is good, bad, permitted or desired respect to an action or decision. The concept comes from the Greek ethikos, which means “character”. Ethics can be defined as the science of moral behavior, since it studies and determines how the members of a society should act. A code, for its part, is a combination of signs that has a certain value…

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Slang MBA

What is an MBA

Administrative education has changed over the past decades. Previously, postgraduate degrees in business focused on the quantitative analysis of the areas of finance and operations; However, today they combine aspects of organizational life so that future entrepreneurs have tools that result in efficient solutions to problems presented by the globalized world and international companies. With that in mind, in this blog post we will address relevant information about MBAs, the…

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