Slang BA

Business Administration BA

What does “BA” mean According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation “BA” stands for “Business Administration”. In contrast to “Economics”, business administration deals with decisions that relate to processes in the respective company . “Economics”, on the other hand, focuses on macroeconomic processes . Based on the designation of the individual areas, their focus, “business” or “national economy”, can be clearly read. Nevertheless, there are overlaps in everyday life. Development of business…

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Slang Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The ethics is linked to the moral and establishes what is good, bad, permitted or desired respect to an action or decision. The concept comes from the Greek ethikos, which means “character”. Ethics can be defined as the science of moral behavior, since it studies and determines how the members of a society should act. A code, for its part, is a combination of signs that has a certain value…

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