Slang HTML


HTML is a page description language invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Thanks to technologies such as DNS and HTTP, one could write a simple tagging language that could link a document with others. We call these links links. According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, HTML itself reads Hyper Text Markup Language. Hyper Text in the name thus represents the ability to link, since hypertext is basically another word for linking. Markup means markup and…

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Slang LCD


Technology LCD (stands for Liquid Crystal Displays via ABBREVIATIONFINDER) is not used only on monitors or TVs. On the market, it is possible to find portable devices – such as game consoles, cell phones, calculators and digital cameras – whose screens also make use of this technology. Laptops, for example, have used this type of screen for years. As its name indicates, the “secret” of the LCD is in a…

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Slang 3D Screens


Not so long ago that, for example, cinemas, the industry began to present screens capable of generating 3D images. In a nutshell, this means that a person is able to view certain content on the screen with a perception of deep depth, making him feel that the image in focus is, in fact, in front of him. According to the definition by Abbreviationfinder, 3D stands for three dimensions. Such screens…

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Slang OLED


OLED and AMOLED LCD and Plasma technologies represent a milestone for the screen industry, but they are not alone. More recently, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) technologies have started to have a place in this segment. See abbreviationfinder for more acronyms other than OLED. Before proceeding, it is important to note that many devices have LCD screens with LED backlighting (while others do it with…

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Slang ERP


Technological developments, the heating – or cooling – of the economy, the increase in the supply of credit and the reach of new markets are among the factors that significantly increase the competitiveness of companies. To continue growing, all companies need to have adequate management of resources, data and processes. One way to do this is to adopt ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning defined on AbbreviationFinder) solutions, that is, business management systems.…

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Slang Refine

The synonyms of the term refine are correct, perfect, improve, purify. That is, it is known as refining to give the last point to one thing, for example: “we will have to refine the last details of the celebration of marriage.” The term refine can be used on people or objects. In the case of a person, to refine is to make it subtle or courteous, instead, towards an object it refers to the…

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Slang Capacity

As capacity we designate the maximum capacity of people that fit in a place or enclosure, the calculation of the total capacity of a container, the measurement of a water stream, or the administrative act by means of which a merchandise is settled in a customs. The word capacity, in its most common use, refers to the total capacity to house people in an enclosure without ceasing to be safe, which…

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Slang Aphorism

The term aphorism comes from the Greek ἀφορίζειν, which means to define. The aphorism is a brief and doctrinal sentence that is proposed as a rule in a science or art. The aphorism is a concise statement or sentence that seeks to express a principle in a succinct, coherent and apparently closed way. An aphorism is a poetic idea, a literary idea. It is a writing by means of which a fulminating idea can be…

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Slang Affliction

Affliction is the action and the result of grieving or grieving. It refers to a deep feeling of sadness, sorrow, pain or suffering. This concept is especially used in health and religious matters, for example in the analysis of biblical texts. Someone who has or feels affliction is afflicted. The word ‘affliction’ comes from the Latin afflictĭo, -ōnis. Chronic affliction In the area of health, a chronic affliction is an emotional reaction of pain and unhappiness persistent over time to a negative situation. Some of the causes that can…

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Slang Affinity

Affinity means proximity, analogy, similarity, resemblance or kinship of one thing with another. For example, the affinity between two languages ​​such as Portuguese and Spanish. The word comes from the Latin affinĭtas, affinitātis, which refers to ‘what is next’, ‘neighbor’. The affinity is also a sense of attraction, sympathy or support character, opinions, tastes between two or more people. On a personal level, people seek to connect with those who have feelings of affinity, this is how love or friendship arise . On a social level , people tend to be…

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