Slang Coexistence


In order to know the meaning of the term coexistence, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word with Latin roots. Specifically, it comes from the Latin verb that is formed from the sum of the following components: -The prefix “co-”, which means “all” or “together”. -The element “ex”, which is used to indicate “outwards”. -The verb “sistere”, which…

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Slang Kitchen


From the Latin coquina, the kitchen is the place where food is prepared. It can be the environment dedicated to that task in a home or the specific space in a restaurant, for example. In the kitchen, food can generally be washed, cut, boiled, roasted, fried or cooked. On the other hand, the appliance that allows food to be cooked is known as a kitchen. According to DigoPaul, the term…

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Slang Crocodile


The Greek word krokódeilos came to Latin as crocodīlus, which in Spanish became crocodile. This is the name of a type of reptile whose body, which is usually about four meters long, is covered with scales. Crocodiles are voracious animals, with large and strong jaws, that move on land and in water very fast. These animals belong to the order of the emidosaurs: zoophagous reptiles with bony scales, which have…

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Slang Cocoliche


It is known as cocoliche the jargon used by some Italian immigrants in Latin American countries, combining notions of their native language with elements of the Castilian. The concept is commonly used in Argentina and Uruguay. Cocoliche arose in the 19th century from the mixture of Italian dialects with the Spanish language. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a large percentage of…

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Slang Cocktail


According to DigoPaul, a cocktail (also referred to as a cocktail) is a combination of different drinks, usually alcoholic. The concept is also used to name the event or social gathering where attendees drink cocktails. Liquors, fruit juices, sodas (carbonated drinks) and different spirits can be part of a cocktail. The person specialized in preparing and serving cocktails is known as a bartender or bartender, while the study of the…

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Slang Greed


The etymological origin of greed is found in cupidĭtas, a Latin word. That word that derives in turn from “cupidus”, which can be translated as “ambitious”, and from the verb “cupire”, which is synonymous with “wanting very vividly”. Greed is the excessive and exalted ambition for money, goods or other types of wealth. For example: “The greed of the big businessmen has caused the destruction of the environment”, “Francisco always…

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Slang Encoding


The encoding is the act and the result of coding. This verb, for its part, can refer to modifying the expression of a message or to register something through the rules of a code. It can also refer to the formation of a body of laws that is constituted as a system. To understand what encoding is, therefore, you must first be clear about what a code is. It is…

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Slang Code


The term code has different uses and meanings. It may be a combination of symbols that, within an established system, have a certain value. For example: “The programmer will have to modify the software code for it to work correctly”, “What is the access code to enter the warehouse?” , “I have to change the code for my safe. “ In the case of computing, it is known as source…

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Slang Civil Code

Civil Code

By code, in the field of law, is understood to be the group of systematic legal norms that allow to regulate a certain matter in a unitary way. The commercial code, to cite an example, brings together the rules and precepts that condition and control commercial operations. When speaking of the civil code, reference is made to an ordered, systematized and unitary set of regulations contemplated by private law. It…

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Slang Commercial Code

Commercial Code

In the field of law, the code is called the set of ordered and systematic legal norms that regulate, in a unitary way, a certain matter. In the case of the commercial code, it is the set of rules and precepts that regulate commercial relations between different individuals or companies in the same territory. The commercial codes emerged with the Enlightenment to order commercial activity. The development of commerce has…

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