How Not to Waste Time with the Phone?

In a dynamic business, about 20 people come into a room, sit down and put their phones, iPads and other devices to the center of the table. It was the last session of the conference, and the rules were simple.

The right to the word has passed around the table twice. On the first pass, each person was required to name one obstacle to achieving balance in your life. On the second pass, each person would identify one thing that seemed to help them overcome this obstacle. In the end, the idea of the dynamic was to leave you all with a new understanding of the problems faced and the new set of tools to be used to overcome them.

All were part of the crowd always online. They were responsible for companies or led big teams. Most of them were at the top of your professional game. By any standard of success, the modern, these people were entrepreneurs. They had all kinds of roles, careers and lives where you get to keep some control to decide how to spend your time, to sit down once in a while and find out your priorities.

One by one, each person described an obstacle: I need to manage my team more effectively. I need to make a more efficient use of my time. I need to spend more quality time with my children before they are too old to need me. While the topics were varied, the obstacles really weren’t. In each case, the main obstacle being described was resting on the table, for a rare moment, just beyond arm’s reach.

Everyone was basically complaining about technology.

I Need to Disconnect Once in a While

I work online, so there is always someone online who is ready to collaborate. My file of students and lesson plans is so confusing that sometimes spent more time on it than giving lessons. I was distracted the whole time. I was never fully present when I was with friends. Even when I knew that I should be doing a pause, I felt the phone vibrating in my pocket and I was sucked into it, was to play a little game or a chat.

Then came the second pass around the table. One by one, people described their solution, the fix that would make it a little easier to overcome the obstacle between their current life and a more balanced.

The first remedy indicated in the dynamic was a software solution enterprise-wide that would allow a manager to have a better control of ongoing projects. The next was an application of personal productivity. So, someone described a strategy to fill the time wasted on a morning walk, working through a list of phone calls that had to be returned.

As the obstacles, the solutions all had one thing in common: they were all technology. It was like listening to a lot of people to explain how they would use heroin to end the addiction to crack cocaine.

What is the Problem with Technology Today?

Technology used to be a way to solve life’s little problems. Now, the technology is used to solve the small problems caused by technology. On some level, we know that doesn’t make sense, but we don’t have an app to convince us. Where is the computer algorithm to prove that the walk quiet, without the phone calls is the balance?

When it comes to our physical health, we often see with new pills to relieve the side effects of that we are already taking. The new pills have their own side effects, which can be a roller coaster without end. But at least there is some evidence that the drugs can cure the original disease.

Being more connected can’t cure us from losing too much time with the mobile phone. Be more connected not can make us less connected. Use more an application will never be the same to use an app at least. There simply is not an app for that.

The idea that we need a technological solution for too much technology is, at best, a large placebo effect of the age of the Internet. We feel that we are getting a little better, but this is only part of the same addiction. We will always be just one more piece of technology away from the solution.

How to Avoid Losing Too Much Time with Your Smartphone?

We are in the early stages of the information revolution. We become more connected and more distracted. There’s no turning back at this point. And believe me, I felt like all that were around the table during the dynamics. As you read this, I’ll be with several windows of my browser open, chat, and sources for writing more articles. I’m not in a position to tell anyone to quit technology. But I am convinced that we can make better choices about how to avoid wasting too much time with their cell phones.

Whenever I have a free time, even for a few minutes, I’m away from the technology and pushing my friends and companies to do the same when they are with me. Even though no one will notice this, all of them end up finding, for a short time, a certain balance in their lives. By good hours, people are able to talk face-to-face, the same issues that we do not like very much, until someone decided to pick up an electronic gadget and the looks of the censorship of the group meant that the person simply gave up. After all, any message or e-mail can wait for some time to be answered.

We find the solution to waste too much time on the mobile phone: you simply unplug it. Who knew that a balanced life is just a click away? Avoid apps that contain their time connected, avoid being with their electronics in moments of relaxation. Above all, do not use your mobile phone when you are with friends and other companies.

Do you have more tips on how to avoid wasting too much time on the cell phone?Share in the comments below!