How to Block SMS?

Whatever your smartphone,, its main function is to keep you in touch with the people in your life.To call someone is a way to recover the delay, but SMS messages can also be very practical. However, there are times when you may receive a message from a contact that you would prefer not to see again, or you receive a random message from someone with a number that is questionable. Of course, you can delete the message and move on, but a much more permanent is to block those people entirely, thus avoiding their texts to reach you until you decide otherwise. Luckily, both the iOS and the Android devices allow you to do easily this, making it easy to block text messages on your cell phone.

Our guide will teach you how to block SMS both on Android and on iOS, in addition to give some tips for devices of specific brands.

How to Block SMS on IOS?

There are 3 different types of SMS messages that you may want to block texts from contacts and phone numbers-known, texts, contacts and unknown numbers or private, and spam messages.

Block SMS messages contacts and phone numbers known

Block texts on iOS requires a little more than just block the phone number or the contact in question, even though this would prevent them from receiving notifications of these people when they try to you to search. For messages specifically, touch the message of the contact you wish to block, and then tap Details in the upper right corner. Again, in the top right corner, you want to play the “i” icon to open the page Information, and then tap Block this Caller at the bottom of the page. Another way is to go to Settings/Settings -> Messages -> Blocked and tap “Add new” to add a new contact locked. Using any method, you not only block messages, but also phone calls and FaceTime calls. This avoids you having to go to applications and settings of the phone, and FaceTime to block the same person.

Block SMS messages, contacts, and phone numbers unknown or private

Unfortunately, you can’t completely block unknown numbers and private the same way you can with known contacts. However, you can filter and separate them from the rest of the people you know. Go to Settings/Settings -> Messages and switch on the option Filter Unknown Senders. This will create a new tab in your Messaging application called “unknown Senders”, but you will not receive notifications for this. It may not be ideal, but it is a decent solution.

Block SMS messages of SPAM

Another thing you can do is report spam, and trash. When you receive a message from someone you do not know, there will be a link “Report Junk”. Tap on the link to forward the information and messages from the sender to the Apple. The company must deal with the contact, and eventually become the person or the bot unable to send you a message again. You can also send by e-mail to Apple “”. Keep in mind that you’ll need a screen capture of the message, as well as the email address or phone number that sent the SMS and the date and time that you received. Apple does not deal with SMS and MMS messages, but you can always report them to your carrier. Contact us to find out what to do..

How to Block SMS on Android?

Different models of Android phone has different ways of blocking.

Block SMS on a phone Google and Motorola

There are two ways to block messages on a Google phone, as the devices of the Nexus series, or Pixel, or phones from Motorola. The first step is to open the Messenger app, then open or start a conversation with one of your contacts. Tap on the symbol of three vertical dots, select People and options, and then tap Block. You can also open the Messenger app, tap and hold the conversation you want to block, and tap Block when the option appears in the upper right corner, confirming by tapping OK.

Block SMS on a Samsung phone

As on a Google phone, the Samsung phones you have two ways to block messages. One method involves the opening of Messages and then choose the conversation that contains the contact you wish to block. From there, tap the plus icon, select the Number to be blocked, and to switch the locking message to “Connected”. Then, tap OK. As an alternative, go to Messaging -> More (three vertical dots as symbol) -> Settings. Touch Block messages to select the check box, and then tap blocked List. From here, you can manually enter the contact number and tap the ‘ + ’ symbol, or choose in your inbox or in the list of contacts. When you have entered all the numbers you want to block, tap the arrow to the back.

Block SMS on a phone LG

The blocking process of the LG is quite fast and direct. Start by opening the messaging app on the LG and playing in the SMS message or the MMS that you want to block. Then, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and then tap Block number to confirm your choice. The number should now be blocked.

Using Your Phone Provider to Block the SMS

Many mobile operators offer services, and additional settings to help its customers to block messages from specific numbers, like telemarketers. For this, you can use the application itself to the operator or to get in contact with her to do the lock, especially if the SPAM messages are coming from the mobile carrier.

Block Texts with Applications

There are dozens of apps in the stores of the apps of the smartphones that you can install on your Android device if you are looking for more ways to block numbers and messages. You may have options that override the program key messages of your device or applications that work in conjunction with your program of standard messages. Some apps still allow users to recognize instantly when a number of SPAM is calling or sending messages and automatically block the e-mail marketing. These apps usually work by using a database powered by users, who can send to the app new numbers that are SPAM or marketing.

Got any questions? Leave in the comments your questions. We are here to help!