How to Listen to Music in YouTube with the Screen Off? The Second Plan!

Want to lay in bed and listen to your playlist of music on YouTube without worrying about the screen light to wake you up? Or maybe you want to put the smartphone in your pocket and quit listening to the YouTube in the house with the locked screen, not to touch it without wanting to. You can also save a lot of battery life leaving it off while listening to your favorite songs. That such to give it a chance then for our way of watching YouTube with the screen off?

How to Listen to YouTube with Screen Off: By Itself YouTube

The most simple method of listen to YouTube with the screen off is by the signature of the Google Music/YouTube Red. To pay for these services from Google, in addition to having access to some exclusive channels of YouTube in addition to the streaming with the screen of the device turned off, the availability of streaming videos offline, and the videos without advertisements.

The monthly fee is very inexpensive, similar to other streaming services, and can be enforced by the amount of songs and videos to which you have access. In addition, of course, the ability to use YouTube with the screen of your device turned off.

Play YouTube with the Screen Off: Using a ThirdParty Browser on Android

Apps browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Dolphin (available in the app store of your cell phone) can use players own to YouTube rather than using the application on your mobile phone. Just open the YouTube website by the app in the browser, give the Play in the video, turn off the screen and enjoy the sound. May not work with all browsers of mobile devices, so be careful. (Obs.: with the app of the Mozilla Firefox browser is more guaranteed to work).

Using Apps to Turn the Screen Off in Android or Play YouTube Videos in the Background

In the Play Store, some applications can function for play YouTube videos even with the screen turned off, as is the case with AudioPocket and the Black Screen Of Life. Remember to use only apps with many downloads and good ratings, and prefer applications that do not require root access to your mobile phone.

To use the applications is simple:

  1. Download the app in the Play Store or App Store
  2. Open the application
  3. Open the video by the app or open the YouTube, choose video, and choose “share video”, choosing the application that you downloaded.
  4. Begin playing the video in the background.

Note that to switch songs, it may be necessary to re-open the application.

Just Turn Off the Touch Screen of Your Smartphone and Continue Listening to the Music

You can download an app lock function touch the screen (search in the app store of your smartphone and you’ll find several options). These applications will make available options such as lock touch and dimming of the screen (to reduce battery consumption), both functions that you’d like to have to use YouTube in the background or with the screen “almost” off. When the applications to turn off the screen do not work, this may be your only option.

Use a Function From the Manufacturer of Your Smartphone to Play YouTube in the Background

Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have created their own solutions to be able to use YouTube in the background, in a second window, or in the background. Usually this option is within the menu of the app itself, in a similar option to “highlight screen” or “leave it active in the background”. The instrument must be compatible with the multitasking, something usually relegated to only the models of smartphone with quad core. It may be necessary to tap on the option PIP in the YouTube app (Picture In Picture) or access the application through the browser of the smartphone or tablet for this option to become available. The screen cannot be turned off, or the video will be playing in the background, but the video will be highlighted in all screens of the smartphone or tablet.

Careful with the “ep” to Watch the Youtube with the Screen Off

In our research for this article, we found several sites with modified versions of the YouTube app, all with a questionable safety. These applications may have the modified code and install viruses, or leaving your smartphone open to attacks from hackers.

In these applications, the guides will usually ask you to uninstall the native application from YouTube from the smartphone and install the modified version of the app. For this, you need to authorize installation from unknown sources, in a setting of security on Android devices, and this is only possible on iOS devices that have gone through the jailbreak. The risks outweigh the possible benefits, since there are other solutions more simple to use YouTube in the background or with the screen turned off, without the need of risking the security of your device.

We left out some method to play YouTube with the screen off that you know of? Which? Some of these methods didn’t work with you?