How to Transfer the Internet to Another Cell Phone?

Virtually every smartphone can share its data connection with your other devices. You can do this via WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth. You should be able to transfer your internet to other device if it is a smartphone with a mobile data connection. This includes pretty much any phone released that has a data plan active. It is also possible to share your internet with other mobile phones through their carrier, and we will explain this procedure also.

Considerations About Battery Life When You Transfer Internet

Tethering drains the battery life of your smartphone in the common type of WiFi connection, at least. Your phone needs to use his wi-fi radio to operate a network, local WiFi that your laptop, tablet and other devices can connect. You will then need to forward the incoming traffic and saíde.

This can use a bit of battery life, so take this into account. Consider connecting your phone to a power source or bring a package of portable battery to recharge it. You can also simply connect your phone to your laptop and take energy from your laptop.

Make sure to turn off the feature of portable hotspot when you’re not using and only enable it when you need to route the internet to other devices with it. Remember that your phone’s battery will drain more quickly when you use this feature and plan accordingly.

Send Internet to Another Cellular: WiFi, USB and Bluetooth

There are multiple ways to do tethering most of The people usually think about the feature of Wi-Fi hotspot, but you can also connect through a USB cable connection or Bluetooth wireless.


when you use this feature, your phone creates a WiFi network location. You can connect your devices to it, just as you would connect to any other network and your phone will provide the Internet connection, forwarding automatically on the network traffic data of the cell phone. It is easy to use, and it is simple to connect your devices to your personal network. Just choose your device in the list of WiFi networks and enter the password that you can configure on your phone. You can get speeds WiFi high-speed, or even connect multiple devices at a time.

USB cable

The smartphones also offer a feature of USB connection. Connect them to a laptop, a desktop PC or even another mobile phone through a USB cable. Your computer can then use your smartphone to connect to the Internet, and everything happens with the USB connection. This method can be faster than the WiFi because you are using wireless, and the USB cable also provides power to the phone from the laptop. You do not need to configure WiFi, and you can connect computers without WiFi to the mobile data network. However, you can only connect one device at a time through USB connection and requires that the device have a USB port. You may also need to install the appropriate drivers.


You can also share the mobile data connection of a smartphone with other devices via wireless Bluetooth. This is known as a Bluetooth personal area network. Devices that include Bluetooth radios can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and access the Internet through it. This method is slower than the WiFi, and the process of pairing Bluetooth devices can be more complex and take longer than simply connecting to a WiFi network. However, the Bluetooth tethering uses less battery life than to create a WiFi access point and so can be useful in situations where you are trying to preserve battery life and doesn’t mind having a slower connection.

How to Send Internet to Another Device Through Tethering?

Tethering should be simple to enable and use. You probably will see the link option in the screen settings of your smartphone. On an iPhone, open the Settings screen and tap “personal Hotspot” near the top, which should be under “Phone” and above “service Provider”. On an Android phone, open the Settings screen and look for a feature called something like “Tethering & portable hotspot” , that can be in a different location depending on the manufacturer of your phone and version of Android you are using.You can also use application sharing to third-party internet on an Android phone. In other types of phones, go to the Settings screen and there should be a “shortcut” clearly marked as a “mobile hotspot” or feature with a similar name.

How to Download Internet Package to Another Cell Phone?

To transfer or share its internet with another device, first the other device must be the same carrier that your. You should then download the app from your carrier and set up your account in the application, entering your data and your login password. After, you must search for the option on internet sharing, choose the recipient of the share and choose how much internet you want to share. It is simple, but it is worth remembering that not all carriers offer this feature.

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