KicksOnFire Is the App to Leave the Sneakerheads Updated

Like tennis, have a good amount of them and use them fairly is one thing, being a sneakerhead is someone completely different, as we are speaking of the supporters of the culture of sneaker that practically live to admire these footwear.

In countries such as the United States and Japan, the movement is great and very well organized: there are meetings of fans, specialty shops to the mountains, and publications and web sites regarding. In Brazil we have a lot of sneakerheads, but does not compare, here this wave is still modest, although it has the potential to grow more in a time when economically the better.

KicksOnFire Is the App to Leave the Sneakerheads Updated 1

How many brazilians are glazed in the international releases, some even travel to buy that model that you know to have a few chances to get in solo tupiniquim, I believe that the app KicksOnFire can be very useful.

The KicksOnFire is, basically, a schedule that shows what will be the next releases in the industry, especially for names such as Nike and Adidas. Thanks to him, for example, we know that in the day 07 of April of this year will be released the Air Jordan 32 Black Cat or that on the 13th we will have access to the Adidas Ultra Boost Climate LTD Triple Black , and these are only a few in the midst of dozens of launches, or is, really has to be something that put order in all of this, because a human being cannot give an account.

KicksOnFire Is the App to Leave the Sneakerheads Updated 2

The application also brings news and information about the universe of sneakers and a ranking of the tennis the most popular divided by week, month, year, and favorites of all times. Another nice thing is that it tells you the price of the pairs, whether they are transactions or not.

You can also refine your list by placing in it only the tags that most interest you.

As the KicksOnFire don’t live of breeze, they have a website and a virtual storethat can be accessed via the app for purchase of novelties that you are of the eye.

If you want to download the app is only accessing the site or searching by KicksOnFire in the iTunes Store or the Play Store.

KicksOnFire Is the App to Leave the Sneakerheads Updated 3