Nextel with 2 Chips! Is There Really?

Nextel is an operator that focuses its services to the business public. Its main service offered are the free “radios” between the handsets of the operator. However, despite a good quality of service and services, your coverage still does not cover much of Brazil and some of its services may not be as advantageous.

Nextel with 2 Chips! Is There Really

With the great competition in the market, it is of great interest for many users to have more than one chip in their handsets, thus taking advantage of several benefits that more than one operator offers. Except that Nextel has a very limited number of handsets compatible with its services and sold by the operator itself. But does she have at least one model with two chips?

Nextel outside Brazil

Nextel Mexico has already released Android-based mobile models that could use more than one chip. Therefore, it is expected that Brazilian Nextel does not have many problems of “protection” of the market, avoiding to sell devices with more than one chip to ensure that users use only their services. It would not be interesting to them that limitation, since their public is extremely limited.

Why a Nextel with two chips?

Anyone who has seen a Nextel device knows that they are as “raw” as possible. It’s hard to see a device with more features. However, many users want to enjoy a 3G internet with their devices and not a 2G network that comes unlimited with some Nextel plans. In addition, some people also do not like having to walk around with several different devices out there, one for personal and professional use, and prefer to join the Nextel (professional) chips with the chip of a common carrier for personal use.

Are there Nextel devices with two chips?

Yes. Models with the “Ferrari” brand from Nextel have the possibility of using more than one chip. However, it’s worth taking a look at the time to buy your device and see if there is more availability of models with two chips.

Is it worth having a Nextel with two chips?

Without a doubt, it’s not worth it: The Nextel handsets are very basic, with no configurations that make any difference. So it’s worth it to save money on Nextel and invest in a more pompous device for personal use. Spending more on a Nextel with two chips is not worth it and you can use your money in a much smarter way.

We hope to have helped our readers with this simple but concise article.