Photoshop for the iPad 2! Amazing isn’t it?

The computers have already arrived in some way to limit the frequency on the processors and what has evolved at the moment it is mainly the amount of colors. In the case of cell phones, tablets and gadget in general what matters most at the moment is to miniaturize the that already exists.

What is noticeable is that the industry has had a great success in this process considering the processing power of the newly released devices.

The iPad 2, though it’s not any huge improvement compared to the iPad previous allows you to now run the Photoshop Touch. It is only compatible with the iPad 2 and requires that the operating system is iOS 5 or higher. It costs 9.99 $ from the App Store.

There are some limitations that can be problematic for an image editing program, such as resolution limitation to a maximum of 1600×1600 for the images worked.

In any case it is only an initial version and is as soon as the programs begin and then improve with time. Even more if you consider the price at which it is sold, this limitation is not a problem.

For 10 dollars is a bargain compared to the PC versions of the application, despite not being nowhere near the same program.

Get to know more of Photoshop Touch directly from the virtual store of Apple and do a test on your iPad 2!

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