Slang ​​Dependent

The idea of ​​dependent comes from the verb to depend: to be conditioned by something or someone or to be tied, subject or subordinate to it or to him. As an adjective, dependent allows qualifying the dependent.

For example: “I have a very young son who is dependent on me”, “Tragedy in an asylum dependent on the municipal government”, “The Secretariat of Production, dependent on the Ministry of Economy, announced the hiring of thirty young professionals to promote development industry in the north of the country.

A bedridden old man, who cannot move by himself, is a dependent man: he needs to be accompanied by another person who can help him. His subsistence, therefore, is directly linked to the help he receives from third parties. Without that support, he is unable to continue living.

In a sentimental relationship, people who are too dependent often suffer a lot from the distance and the moments in which they are not with each other. It is very difficult to define the way in which we should treat our friends or partners, since each one has their own needs and expectations, but the most important thing is to prevent our fears from taking over the situation.

Of course, being too dependent on another person is not always part of the fears; In some cases, the problem is due to the fact that in the parental home the subject did not learn to organize his own life from him, and that is why when he goes out to look for new relationships, he needs others to do many things for him.

It is said that a given structure is dependent on another when it must be accountable to it and obey its instructions, or when its operation depends on the resources it receives. A hospital is dependent on a provincial government if it obtains the funds it needs from the budget of a province, and not from a municipality or the nation.

As a noun, clerk is the name given to the worker whose function is to serve the people who arrive at a store. A greengrocer, to cite one case, may have several employees who are dedicated to delivering products to customers. In certain businesses, such as supermarkets, clerks are only found in some sectors, since customers generally serve themselves.

The clerk job can be one of the easiest to get, since it does not usually require very specific skills, but it is also one of the most exhausting because of how difficult it can be to deal with a large number of clients. up to date, always with a smile, without getting angry at the excessive demands or insults that are usually part of everyday life in a commercial store.

One of the greatest difficulties that the dependent must face is mistreatment by clients, who have a greater power than theirs, closer to that of their supervisors and employers, by that classic phrase that society imprints in our minds since small: “the customer is always right”. While it is true that good care must be based on respect, it must be mutual, a condition that is less and less fulfilled.

Another of the disadvantages of clerk work is usually the time requirement, especially in cities where it is customary to close stores at siesta time. While in an office the working hours may start at eight in the morning and end at four or five in the afternoon, the business needs longer opening times to be able to serve the largest possible amount of public, both those who They have free mornings like those who take advantage of the lunch break to do their shopping or those who visit the shops late at night.