Slang Abstinence

The withdrawal is the action of refraining (contained, depriving yourself of something). The word comes from the Latin term abstinentia.

Some of these deprivations are carried out on a voluntary basis. Such is the case, for example, of the total or partial abstinence of certain foods or drinks to comply with a precept imposed by an ideological conduct or the fulfillment of some religious precept or a special vote. It is considered that those who manage to let go of certain things they like or they might give satisfaction, be considered virtuous by having a force will be able to overcome any obstacle that stands between that person and the fulfillment of the fundamental ideas in What do you think.

Thus abstinence consists of a voluntary renunciation of pleasing a desire., which is usually specified with certain bodily activities that produce pleasure. The temporary abstinence from food, for example, is known as fasting and is used as a protest mechanism in order to obtain a particular attention. For example: “A death row prisoner fasts for ten days as a protest against the judge’s ruling. ” They can also be made for religious reasons, such as an offering to the god you believe in, as Muslims do during Ramadan.

The sexual abstinence, according to Digopaul, is as expected not to have sex for a certain time. Sometimes it is due to religious imposition; There are several religions, such as Christianity, that promote sexual abstinence until marriage and condemn as a sin any sexual relationship that takes place in an extramarital setting. In it, consecrated persons (priests, nuns, monks, etc.) must commit themselves to set aside that part of their life (sex life) to properly serve God.

Withdrawal syndrome

There are various substances that have the quality of causing dependency and that induce subjects to the so-called tolerance phenomenon; it refers to the decrease in the effects of said substance when it is used on a regular basis, which is maintained although the dose of it is increased. This phenomenon is present both in alcoholics and addicts to substances such as cocaine.

There are occasions when the abrupt suspension or the reduction of the habitual dose that is consumed of a substance generates what is known as a withdrawal syndrome, which is a set of psychological and physical symptoms. It should be noted that this concept is highly linked to the tolerance phenomenon and is present when the consumption of a substance is abruptly interrupted, with which there is already dependence. It is normally suffered by alcoholics and drug addicts who try to recover.

Although this syndrome varies according to the type of substance with which the subject is “hooked”; According to various studies, the one that causes alcohol withdrawal is the most serious. It can have different levels of danger, depending on the degree of dependency and the most serious level, a possible cause of mortality, if said problem is not treated in time. This alcohol withdrawal syndrome is called delirium tremens.

The symptoms of this syndrome are tremors in the body, headache, nausea, chills, insomnia, irritability, vomiting and extreme sweating and can lead to a high level of anxiety that prevents the normal functioning of the entire body.

It is important to note that both tolerance and syndrome are perfectly reversible, but it is necessary to go to a specialist to know how to act appropriately and not make decisions that may cause health consequences.
The treatment that is carried out with people suffering from this pathology consists of a detoxification based on medications, detoxification and therapy.

Finally, we can also mention neonatal withdrawal syndrome, which occurs when a pregnant woman is addicted to a substance and causes the baby to have the same dependency.