Slang Access

The Latin word accessus came to Spanish as access. The concept refers to the act of approaching or reaching something. For example: “Access to the room is closed to the press”, “I would love to provide you with the information, but I honestly do not have access to that data”, “The terrorist group blocked access to the city”.

Often times, access is linked to entering a site. Access to a locality can be a road or a highway. It is the road that allows people to reach the city from other geographical points. Similarly, access to a home or environment can be a door.

Sometimes an access is a mechanism or method to enjoy something or to achieve a goal. A government can award scholarships to facilitate access to education for people with few financial resources. If a young person wants to pursue a university degree but does not have the money to buy study materials or to travel to university, they will not be able to study. On the other hand, if the authorities grant some type of financial aid, the young person in question will have access to the possibility of studying.

In the field of computing, lastly, access is called the consequence of a positive authentication. Let’s take the case of a person who intends to access their bank account through their bank’s website, with the intention of making a money transfer. To access your account, you must specify your username and password. If the authentication is positive, the system will give you access: that is, you will be able to operate with your bank account.