Slang Afflicted

Afflicted is a term that refers to a person who expresses signs of affliction, that is, of anguish, sadness, sorrow, pain, physical suffering, etc.

Afflicted is formed from the word affliction, which comes from the Latin afflictio, which means ‘suffering’. This term is formed, in turn, of the prefix ad, which means ‘towards’, and flictus, which means ‘blow’.

Being afflicted implies a more lasting and complex feeling than being saddened by something, since it implies a certain level of worry, anguish or stress.

It means that the affliction may be the result of a problem that the person must solve as soon as possible, whether it is about himself or someone else. It can also be the result of an unexpected blow, literally or symbolically, that has given you something to think about.

A serious illness, the loss of capital, the death or the loss of some important people in our life, are circumstances that can afflict us , since all of them generate collateral damage.

An afflicted person is regretful, shows, expresses or is concerned about a problem that distresses him. Registers signs of grief, dejection, distress, discomfort, affliction or sadness. For example: “I see in your face that you are afflicted.” “Everyone was so distressed by the grandfather’s death that they couldn’t sleep.”

The suffering of someone afflicted can make you feel desperate, bitter, tormented, worried, dejected, heartbroken, troubled and desolate.

In English, the translation is afflicted afflicted or distraught.