Slang Camping

The term camping comes from the Italian language, and it is a verb that refers to what a person does when he interrupts his march and temporarily establishes himself in an uninhabited place, usually spending the night in a tent (tent) or in a makeshift shelter.

For example: “Let’s keep walking until we find a suitable place to camp”, “I’m very happy! My uncle promised me that in the summer we will camp in the forest “, ” Sir, camping is forbidden in this place: I beg you to gather your things and leave the property “.

The act and outcome of camping is known as camping. It is an activity that can have multiple objectives, although it always consists of installing a temporary home.

Generally, people decide to camp for recreational purposes. With this intention, he usually moves to a place that allows him to be in contact with nature, away from the city. There is, however, the possibility of a tourist camping in an urban area set up for this purpose, since camping is cheaper than paying for hotel accommodation.

When the camp is set in the middle of nature, without any contact with the comforts associated with city life, such as the provision of clean water and electricity, the experience can be truly revealing, as it brings us closer to our roots.. However, there must be a process of adaptation to the environment and for this it is essential to have the appropriate elements to survive far from civilization.

Before preparing to prepare the camping backpack, it is necessary to distinguish between the things that an adult should carry and those that are recommended for a child, although many of them are suitable in any case.

Something that can not miss on any camping trip is a first aid kit first aid. In the middle of nature, especially if we are camping with the intention of hiking, swimming and climbing, we are likely to suffer slips, falls and cuts. Regardless of the severity of the wound, it is important to have the necessary elements to disinfect it and stop bleeding.

Another essential item for successful camping is the flashlight, and it is recommended to carry more than one, both battery-powered and manually recharged. The lamps are not over, either, since they can be hung from the store to comfortably light the last hours of the day.

The ropes can be very useful for the improvised construction of small structures, or to protect the shops from the wind, among many other possibilities. One of the most frequent tips is to camp near the trees, to take advantage of their firmness and the shade they provide in the hottest hours.

The ideal complement to the ropes is a multipurpose knife, which can be used in a large number of situations. However, this is one of those items that should not be included in a child’s backpack, for obvious reasons. This does not mean, on the other hand, that in the training groups of explorers the students are instructed about the handling of the knife.

Camping, in other cases, is a necessary survival action (if an individual is lost on a mountain or if he is displaced from his home by a warlike conflict, to name two possibilities). It could also be a protest (a camp in front of the government house to demand the solution of a certain problem or at the door of a company that fired its workers without cause and without paying them compensation).