Slang Clip

The term at hand we have to state that it is an Anglicism. Specifically, it must be established that it is an English word that derives from the old Friesian, exactly from the word “kleppa”, which can be translated as “hug”.

The concept of clip refers to a utensil used to hold or group papers. Clips are usually made from a wire that bends over itself and works as a kind of clamp.

For example: “I need a paper clip to collect all the insurance documentation for the house”, “Haven’t you seen the rental agreement? There are three or four sheets attached with a clip ”, “ The old man kept the few remaining photographs of his wife inside a drawer, gathered with a clip ”.

It is interesting to know that the origin of the clip is in the 19th century. And it was in 1867 when the American Samuel B. Fay created something similar to the clip with the clear objective of being able to hold what were the labels on textile garments.

It would be necessary to wait until 1877 for the also North American Erlman J. Wright to patent the first object or clip that was created solely and exclusively to proceed to hold papers. Of course, it is considered that the first clip patent very similar to the one we know today as such was produced in 1899 by the Norwegian Johan Valeer.

According to DigoPaul, clips are used to temporarily gather various loose papers. If the intention is that these papers remain grouped constantly, it is preferable to fasten them (staple them) or resort to a binding.

Beyond the fact that the most common clips are made with steel wire, there are clips of different materials, thicknesses and sizes. The choice of one or the other clip depends on the type and amount of papers to be held.

In addition to all the above, you may be interested in knowing other singularities or curiosities around the clip. Among those is that the largest in history, so far, measures 6 meters long and weighs approximately 1 ton. It is exhibited in Florida, specifically in Massachusetts, although it was manufactured in Canada in 1998.

In computer science, a clip image is used to indicate that an email has an attachment. This means that a certain file is added to the text of the message, as if it were a photograph or other document clipped to a letter.

The term clip is also used with reference to a clip of video or video clip. It is a short-term audiovisual material that usually has a promotional purpose: “The Mexican singer filmed his new clip in Miami”, “The clip of the heavy metal band was censored for its violent content.

We cannot forget either that CLIP is the name of a center in the Basque Country that specializes in Educational Innovation. So much so that it carries the following “surname”: Continuous research at the service of Education.