Slang Code

The term code has different uses and meanings. It may be a combination of symbols that, within an established system, have a certain value. For example: “The programmer will have to modify the software code for it to work correctly”, “What is the access code to enter the warehouse?” , “I have to change the code for my safe.

In the case of computing, it is known as source code to the text developed in a programming language and that must be compiled or interpreted to be able to run on a computer, also called a computer.

Always in the computer field, the ASCII code (acronym commonly pronounced “asqui” and which means American Standard Code for Information Interchange, or North American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a representation of alphanumeric characters that facilitates communication between different digital devices. Letters, numbers, symbols, and accents have corresponding ASCII numbers, so programs developed by different people and equipment made by one company or another can understand text in the same way.

The ASCII code represents each character with a number from 0 to 127, in decimal scale. For the processor, this is a 7-digit binary string, where 127 is expressed as 1111111. This is especially useful when building web sites; When there are forms to be filled in by users, and especially if the page has versions in several languages, it is very important to meticulously process the text entered to ensure that it is stored (in the database) in such a way that at the time After reviewing this information, there are no errors when printing the special characters.

A code, on the other hand, is a combination of characters used to create and understand secret messages: “Historians try to decipher the code used by the Nazis to exchange messages after the fall of the Third Reich”, “The army managed to intercept a message in code from the enemy side ».

The Theory of Communication knows as a code the set of signs that must be shared by the sender and the receiver of a message for it to be understood. If a man speaks in French to another person who does not know that language, communication will not be possible since the code used to transmit the message is not known by both.

In the field of law, a code is a group of systematic legal principles that regulate, in a unitary way, a certain matter. By extension, code is the compilation of different laws that is carried out in a systematic way (Civil Code, Penal Code).

Morse code is one of the most famous communication systems and yet very few people know about it in detail. It is a representation of the alphabet through electrical impulses of different lengths, although it can also be expressed graphically and audibly. Characters can be made up of dots, dashes, and spaces.

Its creation dates back to 1830 and took place in the United States, by the physicist and inventor Samuel Morse. His intention was to find an effective means of telegraphic communication. Having gotten the government to fund his project, for which he had to fight and be very patient, he conducted his first transmission test between Baltimore and Washington. Its success brought with it the creation of a network that connected the entire country.

The genetic code, finally, is the set of rules that allows data that are encoded in the genetic material be translated into proteins in cells.