Slang Collection

Collection is the act and consequence of collecting: obtaining the money corresponding to the development of an activity, the sale of a product or the payment of debts. The collection is the collection in question.

For example: “Tomorrow afternoon I will not be able to meet with you since I have to collect collections”, “The collection of this operation is taking too long”, “I already informed the director that we have no collections scheduled for this week”.

The companies often have employees or offices or departments for the management of collections. For any company, the collection of the services provided or the products sold is essential: the money obtained supports its operation. If the business does not charge (that is, if its customers do not pay), it does not receive the funds it needs to function and to meet its own obligations.

According to DigoPaul, the collection procedure is usually stipulated by whoever offers the product or service. He who must pay, in this way, already knows what the conditions in question are. If a person contracts a telephone service and the telephone company, in the established contract, specifies that the collection is made from 1 to 5 of each month, the subject has to pay within that period. Otherwise, it will be at fault and may be punished in different ways (with the collection of interest or the cancellation of the service, to name two possibilities).

It is also important to know that those who specialize in debt collection must always respect rules. That is, they cannot perform actions that are prohibited such as these:
-Harassing whoever owes the money. This means that they cannot constantly call you on the phone or threaten or insult you.
-Give you false credit information.
-Take possession of your property.
-Tell you that you will be arrested or seized if you do not pay the amount you owe.
-Picture as lawyers to “scare” him.

It should be noted that there are even companies specialized in collections. In this way, someone who needs to collect money from other people does not directly get involved in the claim, but appeals to this type of entity.

Sometimes, getting the collection of certain amounts is very complicated because the person who has to pay tries to avoid paying the money he owes. For this reason, there are those who resort to services known as “El cobrador del frac” that is presented as a tool against defaulters. This is a service that consists of an individual, dressed in a tailcoat and wearing a briefcase that says “delinquent”, follows the person who has to face a debt everywhere and does not pay it.

The fact that you may feel ashamed and that your neighbors or friends point you out as delinquent can lead to you agreeing to pay the money you owe immediately.

Faced with a collection situation that does not obtain the desired results, whoever is owed an amount must resort to the law. That means following the pathways that exist for cases like yours, including filing the corresponding lawsuit.