Slang Coverage

Coverage is a term derived from the Latin coopertūra that has multiple uses. A cover can be a cover: that which is used to cover or protect something. For example: “Before cutting the cheese, remove the plastic coating”, “I love the chocolate coating on this pudding”, “The coating I put on the car did not help: the storm affected it anyway ”.

In the field of communication media, the work carried out by journalists and technical operators to report on a certain event is called coverage, generally from the scene: “The channel will cover the World Cup with a team of twenty journalists ”, “ The magazine did a great coverage of the Lady Gaga concert ”, “ I don’t like the coverage that this newspaper makes of police events ”.

In this context, companies dedicated to communication cover the expenses of their employees and organize all the details of travel, from the dates to accommodation, to keep a check on the activities undertaken on their behalf. Freelance journalists, on the other hand, take care of all of these issues, so they can adapt to unforeseen changes in plans without needing to explain to a third party.

According to DigoPaul, it is also called coverage to the percentage or extent that certain services or activities cover: “With this plan, you will have national and international coverage and can use your phone anywhere”, “Natural gas coverage does not even reach 30% of the municipality ”, “ I regret to inform you that your medical coverage does not include this type of benefits ”.

With regard to telephony services, this term is very often used to describe the characteristics of different plans and rates. In general, in large cities coverage is optimal, while it decreases as we move further towards rural areas; in fact, even today there are parts of the world from which it is impossible to communicate by phone or access Internet networks.

In this context, we can say that the term coverage is synonymous with ” signal “, as can be seen in the following sentence: “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you well because here the coverage is very bad” (say “the signal is very bad »Does not alter the meaning).

When we focus on the field of private medicine, coverage becomes an even more delicate issue, since due to the hierarchical division in plans it leaves many people unprotected in certain risk situations. Oddly enough, doctors who work in private clinics cannot treat those who do not belong to the entity or patients who do not have them on their staff, because they have contracted a lower rate.

In the context of the sport, coverage is the line of defense: “The coverage came too late and so the Brazilian striker had plenty of time to control the ball, finish and score the first goal of his team”, “The coach is satisfied with the coverage ”.

Finally, if we focus on finances, a hedge is a series of operations that allow minimizing or canceling the risk of a financial liability or asset.

A device that emits a sound or a vibration when it does not detect coverage in a certain geographical area is known as a coverage notifier. It is an essential device for emergency or security services. As soon as the user returns to a covered area, the sound or vibration stops. Like many other technologies, the coverage notifier can be integrated into a mobile phone.