Slang Crocodile

The Greek word krokódeilos came to Latin as crocodīlus, which in Spanish became crocodile. This is the name of a type of reptile whose body, which is usually about four meters long, is covered with scales. Crocodiles are voracious animals, with large and strong jaws, that move on land and in water very fast.

These animals belong to the order of the emidosaurs: zoophagous reptiles with bony scales, which have their fingers joined through a membrane and are characterized by their strength and good swimming ability. Crocodiles live in fresh water, such as rivers, wetlands, and lakes, in regions with a tropical climate.

Beyond these common characteristics, there are different species of crocodiles, each with its own peculiarities. The marine crocodile, for example, resides in salty estuaries and often heads out to sea. It is the largest crocodile in the world, with specimens that exceed seven meters in length.

The Nile crocodile and the Orinoco crocodile also stand out for their large size. Other species, such as the American crocodile, are smaller.

The diet of crocodiles is varied. They can eat insects, fish, crabs, frogs, water birds, and mammals. Because they do not chew, once they catch their prey in their mouths they often shake it to tear it apart. If a tooth is broken, another grows to replace it.

Numerous crocodile attacks on humans and even cases of cannibalism have been recorded. The man, for his part, hunts crocodiles to use their skin in the production of purses, wallets, suitcases and other products.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that in the world of music there is a song that has the word in question in its title and that is a true hit of the 80’s in Spain and Latin America. We are referring to “Attack of the Crocodile Girls” from the group “G Men”.

In 1986 that song was presented that came to expose, in a funny way, the way that the fans of that band had to approach their members. However, it should not be overlooked that the leader of that group, David Summers, and artist Aleks Syntek carried out a version of that single in 2017.

In the same way, in the world of cinema, the term in question has also gained relevance to a saga called “Crocodile Dundee”. The series is made up of three parts and the first was released in 1986 under the direction of Peter Faiman.

It is a comedy, starring actors of the stature of Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski, who comes to tell that a journalist from New York is sent to a remote part of Australia to meet a most picturesque crocodile hunter who is Nicknamed Crocodile Dundee. This man is so peculiar to him that he convinces him to travel to the United States, where they will experience the most picturesque situations because he is not used to the comforts of the city.