Slang Feminism

The concept of feminism can refer to a certain attitude of contempt for men, sexual discrimination towards men, or the idea of ​​the superiority of women over men in all areas of life.

The origin and meaning of this term is very controversial. It is formed as neologismo analogously to the word machismo from the noun female , and the suffix – ism, meaning ‘tendency or movement’

For some, the feminism is what is known as misandria, an attitude of hatred, aversion or contempt for the man and all that it represents . It is the opposite of misogyny.

In this sense, it is considered that feminism is a sexist posture, which incurs sexual discrimination towards men, which can lead to forms of violence or abuse against male persons. Hence, it is considered the equivalent opposite to machismo.

Hembrismo is also described as a position that proclaims the predominance of women over men in all aspects of social life: in civil, labor, economic, power relations and cultural and social life in general.

Some critics of feminism consider that certain positions of radical feminism (also popularly called feminazi) are feminine, because, in their opinion, they promote a repressive ideology against man and the role of man in society, and do not really have a genuine interest in the gender equity.

Feminists, on the other hand, argue that feminism, as an ideology or social or thought system, does not exist (there is no institutionalized feminism), but can hardly be verified in individual positions of certain individuals.

In addition, from the feminism it is considered that the creation of the concept of feminism is a consequence of the macho fears towards the advances of feminism towards a more egalitarian society.

Feminism and machismo

Hembrismo and machismo are two positions totally opposed to gender equality. In this sense, they have in common both radical positions in relation to equal rights between men and women.

Thus, the female would proclaim a matriarchal system with discriminatory bias towards men, which would result in the preponderance of women over men at the political, social, economic, cultural and, of course, legal level.

Machismo, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: a patriarchal system that affirms the predominance of men over women in all areas of social life.

Hembrismo vs. feminism

Feminism and feminism are two completely different positions regarding gender equity from the perspective of women.

While feminism is a position that seeks to affirm the supremacy of women with respect to men, thereby incurring discriminatory treatments towards men, feminism is a predominantly egalitarian ideology.

Feminism demands, in this sense, gender equity, that is, equal rights for both men and women in all areas of life: social, labor, legal, political, cultural, etc.