Slang Five Stars

The expression five stars refers to a classification system in which five represents the highest level and zero represents the lowest. This method of categorization, used mostly in the hotel environment and in the gradation of military ranks, has also been adopted as a symbolic system of valuation in other areas.

In hotels, for example, the stars are part of an internationalized convention according to which the best rated hotels meet a series of standards, requirements and criteria that place them at the top of their field. These types of regulations may be issued by the World Tourism Organization, through international agreements, or by the provisions of the laws of each country, to which, of course, companies operating in the tourism industry are subject.

The stars, in general, are located in a visible place, preferably at the entrance, so that it facilitates the tourist identification of the category of the hotel to which they are accessing. Of course, according to this classification, the most luxurious, comfortable and expensive hotel will always be the one with five stars.

five-star hotel will offer, for example, the best conditions for accommodation: luxury, comfort, 24-hour personalized attention, pool area, gym, nursery service, national and international cuisine restaurant, comfortable and spacious rooms, good location , shows and live music, in addition to being conditioned to hold large-scale events, such as congresses and meetings of a commercial or political nature, etc.

However, the range of services and amenities offered by hotels is decreasing as their scale decreases.

In the military institution, the stars are used to distinguish the rank of an officer, being that the highest hierarchy is held by the one who carries the five stars and the minor who does not possess any. In general, whoever holds the five stars is at the top of the military hierarchies as commander in chief of the nation’s Army. His position has special powers and maximum responsibilities, although these vary from country to country.

Meaning of the 5 stars on the flag of China

The five-pointed star is a symbol that distinguishes communist ideology. Its use in the flag of China has this purpose. Five stars are arranged on itin the upper left, one of them three times larger than the remaining four. The major star is located in the upper left, and to its right is surrounded by four smaller stars whose points are oriented towards the main star. The small stars symbolize the four classes that make up Chinese society: workers, peasants, bourgeoisie and entrepreneurs. The biggest star represents the communist ideology and, by extension, the Chinese communist party that, according to the concept of composition, guides, guides and prevails over the rest of the factors: it is the union of the revolutionary people under the direction of the party.

Meaning of the 5 stars on the flag of Honduras

In the flag of Honduras, composed of three horizontal stripes, two turquoise blue and, among these, a white one with five stars, four of them arranged as a rectangle and one in the center; the stars intend to rescue, symbolically, the emblem of the former Unit Provinces of Central America, a state that existed between 1823 and 1824. The five stars referred to the current states of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras. In this sense, the stars also mean the ideal of union.