Slang Hybrid

As a hybrid we can designate all those individuals who are the product of the crossing of two organisms of different species. The word, as such, comes from the Latin hybrĭda.

Thus, in biology, a hybrid can be an animal or a vegetable that is the result of the crossing of two parents of different species that, however, can produce progeny.

As a hybrid we can also designate any type of object or artifact that results from the mixing or aggregation of features or parts of different kinds. A hybrid car, for example, in automotive mechanics.

Another example of hybridity, in this linguistic case, is Spanish, a kind of mixture between Spanish and English, which is spoken by Spanish-American

Hybrid in biology

In biology, it is said that an individual is a hybrid organism when it is the product of the cross between two organisms that belong to two different classes, races, species or subspecies, which, however, are compatible and can generate offspring, although this, sometimes , may be sterile. A classic example of a hybrid animal is the mule, which results from the cross between a mare and an ass or donkey.

Hybrid vehicle

A car, vehicle or hybrid car is a car that combines an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline and an engine that feeds on electric power. Hybrid cars reduce fossil fuel consumption and, consequently, are less polluting, which, in addition, provides greater energy efficiency. Examples of hybrid vehicles are the Toyota Prius or the Honda Insight.