Slang Police Story

The stories are fictional stories with a short length. Police, on the other hand, is that linked to the police (the security force that must guarantee public safety).

Police story, or detective story, is called the narrative that revolves around a crime and the search for those responsible. In these stories there is usually one or more crimes, investigated by a character who aspires to clarify the facts and find the culprit so that justice can be done.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the best known characters of the detective story.

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Characteristics of the police story

In classic crime stories, a clever and cautious detective is tasked with solving a crime mystery, which often seems impossible to solve at first. The police investigation carried out by the protagonist is based on rational thought, so that the unknowns are resolved one by one as the pieces fit together.

On the other hand are the noir police stories, which, unlike the classics, go beyond solving the crime and their characters are more complex, without much distinction between villains and heroes. In any case, the fundamental elements or features of this type of story are crime, mystery and persecution.

Parts of the narrative

The police story is divided into several parts that are especially easy to recognize and distinguish in classic stories. Everything begins with the enigma that arises to be solved, which starts from a dilemma and leads to the development of the entire plot. There begins the investigation process, which narrates the steps and decisions made by the detective to try to clarify the aforementioned enigma.

Broadly speaking, we can say that everything leads to the resolution of the enigma, which can take place as a result of two types of investigation: one that is based on the observation and analysis of facts and evidence, from which various conclusions are obtained; one that is based on the formulation of several hypotheses, sometimes without the need to examine the crime scene.

Among the great authors of crime stories and novels, the British Agatha Christie stands out.

Characters and structure of the detective story

The characters in a police story are presented in such a way that some complement the others, as if they were opposite elements, which in this case can be divided into two groups: the good and the bad. Among the most common classes are detectives, police officers, inspectors, spies and assassins. Although there are stories with female main characters, it is more normal that they are all men, and that they do not present an evolution of their characters throughout history.

Regarding the structure of the detective story, it is generally a story that takes place in the opposite direction to that of the traditional narrative: it begins by presenting the enigma (which arises from the past) and resolves it at the end (in the future), and the progress of the story reveals more and more elements of the past. This does not mean that when writing it, the author sees the elements in this same order; each person conceives his literary creations in a different way, and it may happen that they arise in chronological order and then present them inverted, or that the events come to him just as he captures them in the book.

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective

Among the most famous detective stories are those featuring Sherlock Holmes, a detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes, with the help of Dr. John Watson, uses deductive reasoning to solve the puzzles.

One of the most popular detective stories of Sherlock Holmes is “The Red-Headed League”, in which the detective uncovers a hoax set up to rob a bank.