Slang Refine

The synonyms of the term refine are correct, perfect, improve, purify. That is, it is known as refining to give the last point to one thing, for example: “we will have to refine the last details of the celebration of marriage.”

The term refine can be used on people or objects. In the case of a person, to refine is to make it subtle or courteous, instead, towards an object it refers to the soft, fine, elegant, for example: “the new electronic devices have a refined appearance”. As for metals, refining is purifying them.

On the other hand, tuning a musical instrument is adjusting the tone of a sound until it matches a reference note. That is, compare the tones of the instrument with the sounds of a tuning instrument or other object such as tuning forks, electronic tuners. The objective of tuning an instrument is to have it reproduce each of its notes in the frequency of 440 Hertz, as defined in 1955, by the International Organization for Standardization, previously the number of vibrations was lower.

When tuning a musical instrument, it should be taken into account that each one is different according to its characteristics, since for example: the piano, is through the tempered system, the string instruments for perfect fifths or fourths, etc. If the two sounds have different frequencies, there will be “time interferences”, but as the tones are equal, the frequency decreases to the point of listening to the two perfectly tuned instruments.

Also, a singer must tune her voice in order to perfectly tone the sounds. To detect the tuning of the instruments and the voice, it is essential to fine-tune the ear in order to check if the sound matches the reference one, as explained above.

In English, the term refine in terms of a musical instrument or voice is “tune”, on the contrary, to indicate perfection is “perfect”, “polish”.