Slang Shed

It called shed to the roof protruding from a wall and therefore, can cover precipitation. Also called shed is the place covered in a rustic or precarious way that protects individuals, animals and objects from inclement weather.

For example: “The criminal was hiding the drug in the shed”, “I lived for two years in the shed of an elderly couple who gave me shelter”, “I lost all the machines due to a fire in the shed.

According to DigoPaul, a shed can be a shed or a shed. It is a simple construction, with a single floor, which is used for the storage of different elements or for the development of hobbies. They are often wooden structures with a sheet metal roof, although their characteristics may vary.

A person can build a shed in their home garden to store tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, saws, etc., to name a case. Another subject can use a shed for modeling, which is his hobby. The sheds are also used to store pesticides, fuel and other products.

In some cities, the shed is a very common element, while in others it practically does not exist. For example, in London it is an essential component of houses with gardens, and we can find them in many parts of the city.

This type of structure is even used as an office in some places. In this way someone can work from home, but in a separate environment from the home. With certain computer equipment and communications infrastructure, a shed can be turned into a teleworking office.

In rural areas, sheds are often used for farm animals to shelter. Those who have sheep often use the sheds for shearing.

Tips for building your own shed

Given the many applications that the shed has, it is normal that almost everyone wants to have one. However, depending on our geographical location, houses do not always have this type of construction, although they do have a large garden, and that is why it is so useful to learn how to manufacture it on our own.

The first step, as in any project of this kind, is to find the right place, in this case, in the garden. Depending on the activities we want to do in the shed, a corner will suit us, or perhaps an area detached from the walls.

Once the site has been chosen, it is recommended to make the design on paper. Although we know that the shed does not stand out for the complexity of its structure, we must adapt its dimensions, its arrangement, its number of windows and doors to our needs, even if these lead us to slightly cross the limit of the very definition of «shed ».

The next step is to start installing the main beams, taking into account that the last one must be placed where the roof will end, with a minimum slope of 15% with respect to the initial one. Many people allocate one corner of the garden to the shed to save two of the walls, and this can have both an economic and energy benefit.

For covering the exterior, tongue and groove wood is usually used, since it is easy to cut and place, as well as being light and adapting to all kinds of treatments, such as varnishing. When locating the wooden planks for the ceiling, it is advisable to do so in such a way that it is not complicated to take the measurements of the last one, since it is always necessary to trim it a little to fit perfectly.

Doors and windows can also be made entirely at home, although handling the glass is riskier. For this reason, it is sometimes preferable to buy them custom-made in specialized stores.