Solidarity refers to all those acts that are characterized by sharing and providing material or sentimental help to others without expecting anything in return. Solidarity is a value that seeks the common good.

Through solidarity, people, individually or in groups, provide support, protection, collaboration and help to all who need it.

Know how to listen

Spend a few minutes to listen carefully to that afflicted person who needs to express their feelings towards a particular situation and, as far as possible, give support, advice or just hear is an example of solidarity and support.

Take care of the animals

Offering and giving food and medicines to animals that are abandoned, helpless or live in the streets, and even in animal protection associations, is an example of solidarity. It is also an act of solidarity to care for and respect the environment.

Do volunteer work

Approaching public institutions such as hospitals, health centers or the Red Cross and volunteering, carrying out recreational activities for children or providing monetary donations, medicines or toys, is a solidarity act that helps people who need it feel better. .

Give first aid help

Solidarity becomes palpable when assistance or first aid is given to a person or animal that is in danger, either because of a traffic accident or because of natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, floods, fires, among others .

It is also an example of solidarity to be a donor of blood, and even of organs, since people can collaborate to save the lives of other beings who, for various reasons, have some type of disease or deficit in the functioning of their organs.

Give the seat

It is an act of solidarity to transfer the seat on public transport or put in a row to the elderly, pregnant women or children and even to those who express that they are feeling some symptom of malaise.

Collaborate in children’s activities

You are a supportive person when you volunteer in various public and low-income educational institutions, in order to complement the students’ knowledge through various recreational activities that even convey social values.

Target nonprofit financial aid

Another example of solidarity is when people, through different means, can provide financial or financial assistance to institutions, families or individuals in particular, in order to help solve a monetary problem that may solve some health or food situation.