Slang Traffic Accident

An accident is called an event that causes involuntary damage or that alters the usual state of an event. Transit, meanwhile, is the act of transiting (going from one place to another, traveling).

The idea of a traffic accident is linked to the contingency that occurs on public roads and that involves one or more vehicles. It should be noted that, beyond unpredictable or random issues, the notion also usually includes those events that occur due to irresponsibility or negligence of people.

Suppose a subject suffers from cardiac arrest while driving his car. When it fades, it loses control of the vehicle and runs over a pedestrian. The driver, who had no cardiac history, was driving in compliance with traffic regulations, while the victim was also not violating any regulations. It can be said that this traffic accident, therefore, was really fortuitous or haphazard, since no negligent conduct is noted.

However, traffic accidents occur as a direct consequence of human error. Typically occurring by reckless driving of vehicles for reckless actions of pedestrians or deficiencies in road infrastructure (poor state of the roads, lack of signs, etc.).

If a man drives drunk at 180 kilometers per hour and collides with another vehicle, the news may be presented as a traffic accident or road accident. However, the damage caused could have been avoided if the driver had respected the rules on alcohol consumption while driving and on the maximum speed allowed when driving.

One of the main causes of traffic accidents is the deficiency in road education that children receive from their elders. Despite the fact that in many countries the government requires citizens to pass a theoretical exam in which their technical knowledge about driving rules and the different elements of public roads are tested, this does not happen worldwide; on the other hand, it is a relatively recent imposition, so many young drivers have not had to abide by it.

This leads to the fact that a large percentage of drivers do not have an in-depth knowledge of the current regulations and, instead, decide based on their own criteria how to get around the streets of their city. This inaccurate and often incorrect information is then passed on to your children, and so on. If we add this phenomenon to the lack of control that exists in certain countries, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many traffic accidents per day.

On the other hand, it is known that in each city a different trend is perceived in reference to the respect that drivers and pedestrians have for road regulations. While in some citizens strictly comply with the rules and even immediately denounce those who do not, in other parts of the world there is real chaos when it comes to taking a car ride.

Statistics from many countries indicate that the highest number of traffic accidents is caused by very young drivers, who do not have much experience behind the wheel. It is never good to generalize, but there are plenty of examples of teenagers who confuse driving with competition, and put aside their responsibility to embark on authentic street races, causing all kinds of misfortunes, putting both their own lives and their lives at risk. from his friends and, why not, from any innocent person who crosses his path.

Traffic Accident