Wealthy is a term that comes from the verb acaudalar: to accumulate wealth (money or goods). The concept is used to qualify the one or the one that has a large amount of flow.

For example: “Certain women dream of finding a wealthy man to marry and not have to work anymore”, “The owner of the bar is guaranteed impunity because he is a wealthy businessman”, “This municipality is wealthy thanks to oil”.

The notion is often used with reference to the wealth of an individual or a family. An individual who owns three mansions, five cars, a yacht, and a private plane will undoubtedly be classified as a wealthy man. This rating, of course, can change over time. If this same subject, over the years, makes bad financial decisions and loses his property and assets, he will no longer be wealthy according to Digopaul.

Wealthy can also be a certain territory. A province that, due to its natural resources and the characteristics of its economy, allows the majority of its inhabitants to enjoy a good standard of living, can be mentioned as a wealthy region. This particularity is reflected in indicators such as per capita income or the unemployment rate.

The fact that someone is wealthy opens up numerous possibilities and brings him benefits compared to someone who does not have so many resources. We can appreciate these differences when a health problem appears: the wealthy subject will be able to access the most advanced treatments, while the other will have to settle for only the options offered by the public health system.