Sos! Nobody Reads My Blog + Tricks to Get More Comments

When you start a blog it is normal that your visits and comments are practically zero. But when to take awhile, how can avoid discourage you? I encourage you to give him another chance to your blog and I present a few tricks which, if you follow them, will help you to get the coveted comments. You can use the comments of this post to add your own tricks with which you generate engagement with your followers.

Sos! Nobody Reads My Blog + Tricks to Get More Comments

A few weeks ago I read that most blogs have a life of 3 months. These twelve weeks are the time that its authors have needed to discourage completely with your idea and throw in the towel. The first thing I thought of was, what a little time! and then I was mulling to what could it was thus. What happens in those three months? Is that your idea has no value? Do you no longer love, it does not apply? For me there are two very important issues that have to do with this: the expectations and the commitment.

Most of the time we set expectations for anything realistic. We are not aware of the work that is to start a blog and the time required. They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. We think that with get to write and do some promotion visits come as if by magic. And if ever you read some success blogger says that to him fame has come almost without effort, it is not telling you the whole truth.

The second point to consider is commitment. How committed are you to your idea? What are you willing to do to achieve what you want? And this means a lot of work and time. In my previous article, How to find out if you are ready to start a blog for your project, solved this problem and in one of the comments they asked me what to do when just you get visits and do not receive comments. It is not an easy to answer question. Because there isn’t a single answer.

That frustration have passed all that we have started a blog (and if it isn’t, I invite you to tell us in a comment what was your secret). I think that if you persevere and enjoy what you do, in the end you will be rewarded. That does not mean that you don’t need to work hard and do everything possible to promote your content. Now let’s see how we can facilitate that reach those long-awaited visits and comments.

Reasons why nobody reads my blog and how I fix them

First you need to solve the problems that may have your blog.

The focus of your blog
Your blog needs a clear theme and several subtematicas that support it. It may be the digital marketing as main theme and the content marketing and social subtematicas (as in my case). Does that mean that you can write about whatever you want? Because it depends on. You have to be consistent with your project and your target audience. If you have a blog about design it is clear that you can write a post on design books that you recommend, but maybe one with the restaurants in your city is a little out of place.

The quality of what you write

Nobody likes to read an article full of misspellings, or is poorly structured and becomes very heavy finish. You have to keep the interest, entertain, help your readers. If writing has never been yours, I tell you that you can learn. Practice is essential. Start with short phrases that have a simple structure (subject, verb, and predicate). Create a script with what you want to have that you help you to structure your speech and see if it makes sense (introduction, development and conclusion). And always use a concealer auto. Everyone an accent; you can escape us).


You don’t have to write to Google, but do take into account your preferences when it comes to write your article.

Too much content of auto-sales

The readers of blogs are enough squabbling with promotional content. They don’t want that they are selling them all the time. They read blogs because they connect with the author, or because you’re going to solve a problem with what you have.

You do not have an editorial calendar

You need it. Yes or Yes. Or as wrote Celia a few days ago

You can dispense with it. Your editorial calendar will work if you help to organize, not if it is an obligation that you stressed and overwhelmed. If you have not read the input of Celia (to you expect?) what it says is that it is not that you leave everything in the hands of chance or of how you get up that day, it is to let your editorial calendar does not end up inhibiting your creativity or freedom. To mi for example helps me to create a list of topics on which I want to write based on my business objectives. I ordered them on my calendar so that they make sense as a sequence. But if you have another idea, if raised me questions in a comment or in social networks, and I think it is the time to write about it, I’m flexible enough to accommodate him, although this week it does not touch.

You do not have a strategy to promote

Writing content is only the tip of the iceberg. You have to make it known, to reach your ideal customer. How? With social networks, advertising and networking basically. As it is a very extensive subject, I keep it for a next post:).

And once you have your posts revised and ready to receive your readers see how we get those coveted comments.

Tips to get more comments on your posts

Connect with your audience

Have you ever thought what are blogs where you usually comment? In my case I have mainly two reasons to do so: I have connected with the author; and the topic has interested me a lot. I connect with the author on the emotional level (must be my schmaltzy side.)). I feel that I understand, that speaks to me and I want to have a conversation with him. The other reason is that the theme touches me closely, that has happened to me something like that and want to offer my experience or opinion on the subject.

For me, my big problem when I started my blog was to dare to give a personal touch to my articles. I was afraid of not look professional. But one of my values is the proximity, it is what makes me different. I get involved in projects where I work and my goal is to help my clients. I want them to feel satisfied and repeat. So when I sit down to write I imagine that I’m having a conversation with one of them.

It invites conversation

Your readers will comment if you give them permission. It is clear that enable comments on your posts is already an invitation to comment, but how is it indicates in addition? You can ask direct questions about what you have written asking his opinion.

A trick that I’ve seen on other blogs and I like very much, is to make reference to the conversation in comments on another post in an article. It is another way to catch readers who have not had the opportunity to see this article and repescar to those who have done so by making them feel curiosity for what is commenting on.

Answers to your followers

As an inveterate reader of blogs, I like that if ever I take the trouble to comment (Yes, many times go with haste and not commented, so when I do, it’s an effort extra. The same goes with who says your articles) I respond. If, in addition, it is a blogger who admire, his answer may rejoice the day. Implies that has taken the time to read what I have written and that he had time to answer.

Does it mean that I have to answer every little comment? Now enter your personal rating. I answered to the comments that I believe have relevance (although simply to congratulate me on the article, especially if you are starting and the volume of comments that you receive is negligible, if you want to create community and committed readers I recommend you do it. Once your traffic and the number of comments you receive increase, you can get a few rules: for example, reply only to articles with less than 3 months. Another trick is to thank in the next post to everyone who commented and you’ve not been able to respond for lack of time. If they are loyal, they will read it and will not think that you are a desconsiderada.

Comments on other blogs in your niche

Blogs arose to create community, to establish relationships with others, to communicate. So keep in mind that, if you want to comment on your items, you should begin by commenting on other blogs. Many CMS Additionally can include the url of your website, which you can serve as a mini promotion. But remember that it is not comment for commenting, but if what you want really is to establish lasting relationships with other bloggers should be relevant and meaningful comments. You can put a specific question if you have a question, or to refer to something you have written. Give your opinion on the subject, or has an anecdote.

It is likely that if the blogger in question has liked your comment passes through your blog and comment on any of your items.

Make it easy to your readers

If to comment you need to sign up, fill in a CAPTCHA or thousand fields, it is likely that you remove the desire to your readers. It takes you back to spam, you can use any of the plugins that exist.

It promotes conversation on social networks

Once you have the comments coming in spades (or no, this trick also vale for when it is not so) can promote the conversation on your social networks with comments of the type: “enjoying the stories that I tell my readers in this post” or “I love my readers about this problem/product recommendations”. We all have a nosy point and if it bites us curious is likely to go into the article and once there, the chances of commenting increase.

It means your readers in the solution

Ask them their opinion. How have they to solve that problem? Can they provide more of what you offer? And when they comment, don’t forget to answer them;).

And finally, I’m going to do it with some questions that you can answer in comments:

What are your tricks to promote engagement among your readers?

Do you think that your blog success is measured in comments and visits?

Have you felt discouraged at the beginning? What you say to someone who wants to leave?

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