The Second Via of the Hi

The telephony operators in brazil has a lot to improve on several things, but a subject which always gives problem with respect to the carriers has to do with the bills wrong. Cast the first stone the one who never went through any pain of the head when the invoice of the Hi came to the wrong!

Even when it was still Telemar these problems existed and I’ve spent a good time looking for where to take the 2nd copy of the account of Telemar. Now that is Hi the name changed but the problems are still there. Of course they are not only problems for the fault of the operator that generate the need to generate the second copy of a phone bill, but surely this is the main cause.

But how to catch the second track of the account of Hi? The 2ª via Oi can be obtained over the internet even! Caters to both the second road on account Oi fixed as to the second via mobile account.

They do not usually put links to all of the operators here because they keep changing the pages, but in this case the links to take 2a via the account are below, to facilitate your life!

Duplicate account by site My Hi, with the step by step tutorial.

If you prefer, go straight to the site of Oi to take your second route there.

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