Why Buy Mobile Phones in the First Half of the Year?

There are generally two types of people when it comes to new purchase of a mobile phone.

The “early-adopters”

The first type of people always has to have the latest gadgetirrespective of the price of entry. This seems like a very expensive way to keep up with the latest technology . When you digs deeper you will discover that there is an initial cost of purchasing a lot more, because a new smartphone can easily leave you more than$2,000 poorer.

However, when a latest phone comes out with better specs, you can still sell the original phone for quite a high price, if the condition of the device is excellent. You can pocket up to 80% of the original purchase price when selling on a third party site such as Ebay or OLX. Therefore, the best time to buy a new phone is always when the latest version comes to the fore, and then immediately sell the old one. There are companies that still accept the old phone to the exchange for the new one, especially to faithful customers of the operators.

Hunters Promotions

The second type of people that buy a new phone can be categorized as hunters promotions. They will search for special occasions such as promotions end of year/January to maximize the savings. You can usually save a lot more during this holiday than any other day of the year. It is definitely the best time to buy a new phone and enjoy greater savings.

However, you should keep in mind only buy a phone that was released recently, to not become outdated too. If you can’t wait for the end of the year to take advantage of a good deal, there are plenty of holiday promotions. If you have lost all these sales, you can always find coupons online that can save you extra on phones and accessories. Sometimes, you may be required to purchase a phone along with the promotions of accessories.

Another way to score points is to look for discounts. Believe it or not , the retailers and the manufacturers usually offer you the item for free on their websites.

Which of the Two Types of Buyers is That Right?

None of the two is 100% right. Nor 100% wrong. Let’s say that the two arguments of purchase has a certain reason. But if you want to join the best of the two, do not become outdated with the technologies and find the best prices, you must pay attention to in the first half of the year in which you are.

Why Buy Mobile Phones in the First Half of the Year?

In the first half of the year we have the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), where the great majority of technology companies do their releases, and feature “the future”. It is also in the first half that the giant Android, Samsung, offers your phone top of the line, the Galaxy S, approximately in April. The other companies, trying to follow and compete with Samsung, they also make their releases or, even better, leave more cheap mobile phones, including those competitors who use Windows Phone.

It is also at the end of the first half that iPhones and iPads tend to have a price drop. This is because at the end of the year are released the new models, replacing the old ones for almost the same price of the old ones. As there are also a lot of pressure from Android in the beginning of the year, some shops tend to give promotions to their devices with iOS in order to take advantage of the search for new devices.

Even better for those who choose to buy a device that has been released a year or more. So, take advantage of even bigger discounts. Who wants to buy the devices released in the second half of the previous year may enjoy fewer discounts, but you will need a phone that will last more time.

Thus, especially for the Windows Phone and Android devices, our recommendation is that you spend the first half searching for the right phone for you. Last year I bought my Galaxy Note 2 in January with a discount of about$400 on the price that was in the previous six months, after a few months of research. It was worth the wait next year I’ll buy a new device in January, probably the Galaxy Note 3, which will be cheaper by the launch of the Galaxy Note 4.

Keep track of the models that you like the most. Search for. Pay to view. It will be worth it and you will have a product very cheap in the hands.

When you bought your smartphone? Paid less or more? How you got the discount?